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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Men and jewelry

I have thought a lot about my target market lately. I realized, that I only make jewelry for woman. On one hand this is absolutely right, because they are the one wearing the most. I do not like the feminine kind of man a lot, but I know it is very popular and many shops carry a kind of feminine clothing for men. I thought a lot, listened to others, when the idea of cuff links came. This is a 100% men jewelry without being feminine!
I consider cuff links to be in very soon. If you feel like that too, just do not forget to get yours from our Etsy shop!

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Featured on High Desert Diva

Just being featured on High Desert Diva, an other blog. I think this is getting really usual. We have a new featuring every other day, so I don't write a long post on it.


Packaging I.

When we started our craft business I was very happy to receive our first orders. I was really excited sending out some goods to the US, I only paid attention, that our glasses do not break. I got two pieces of recycled Styrofoam, put the glass pendant in between and tied it up really strong with some scotch tape and put it in a bubble mailer.
I was happy to make a safe packaging. I have not even thought about how it looks.
I just waited to receive our first feedbacks. Before feedbacks I got a convo from a more experienced Etsian, who was my customer, complaining about my packaging. I was not happy and did not know, what she really meant until i got my first Etsy packages. Than I understood what she was talking about. Packaging is part of your product! Good package is a value added to your product and strengthen your brand.
This week-end I focused a bit on packaging.
Here is the result. You will love it!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Panyizsuzsi is featured on Ixela

Yesterday my italian, EST friend Ixela had a post on Panyi Zsuzsi jewelry. Recently she has a series of "An artist a day keeps the doctor away!". In this series she hae chosen me as the artist of the day.

A bit more abut her:

She is an architect, but since she was a little child, her main interst are women's accessory and jewels, expecially every kind of outlandish and sparkling ones.
Many years ago she began to gather beads, pearls and other parts from old and vintage broken jewellery and to re-assemble some new jewels one of a kind for herself and friends. Now she has a shop on Etsy.

"I love to improve every piece I create with my whimsical thoughts." she says.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

We are on the Frontpage of Etsy

Since beginning of the year I started listing every weekday on Etsy. I've put quite an amount of time chatting and getting the European Street Team going and improving. EST, how we call, is one of the best and most active of the Street Teams. We not only chat around, but deal with such business issues as promoting our and each other's shop. Etsy in whole is very popular in the US, but Europeans still don't know much about it. Our main goal, on one hand, is to let Europeans know about it, while the other hand, we showing off European style and craftsmanship to Americans. To tell you the truth we are on a great track. At least every other day Etsy's most popular Treasury is made by Europeans and many time featuring all European products. Today I was in six treasuries. One of them, made by Pamela Angus was featured for quite a long time on Etsy's front page. Mine is the nice pink and lilac fused pendant in the bottom right-hand corner. Thanks a lot Pam!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Busy, busier, business

We are into a big shop remodeling. This is out ETSY shop. Last September we only registered on ETSY. Later on we started to upload pictures. As we became the member of the European Street Team we learned a lot on how to run an Etsy business. Now we start to make it professional. Daily uploads and daily remodeling.
We not only change names to be more descriptive and consistent, but retook and edit all photographs to have a unique and harmonic layout for the shop. This way even by looking at my photos you can identify my shop. Sounds good, isn’t it?

The other thing that we recently changed and are still changing is prices. Or prices were a little messed up. Now we categorized the prices. All new things will be uploading according to new prices scheme.
These efforts will definitely result a clear and pretty ETSY shop .


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Here They come...

We got back some glasses sent to fire. They turned out really good. Our big research is that different part of the kiln has a different way of firing thing. We not have to mess with different settings, jut put the glass somewhere else in the kiln and there you go.
Watch out for these fused glasses in our shop the next couple of weeks!


Monday, January 7, 2008

We are featured on CGGE!

As a member of CGGE - Creative Glass Guild of Etsy -panyizsuzsi is featured on their web site. Please check it out!



Zsolnay is of my favorite porcelain. The designs above were made by János Török, Judit Nádor and others. Here is a short history on the factory.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

being proud...

Before Christmas 2006. we made it on etsy frontpage.

I have done it!

Our blog is just launched.
I thought a lot about it. I visit several places on the net. So this is a new one I'll visit and write to. Maybe not every day, but let's try. It is about our craft stuff, craft life and other design things that I like.
Welcome and I hope you come back soon!