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Thursday, January 17, 2008

We are on the Frontpage of Etsy

Since beginning of the year I started listing every weekday on Etsy. I've put quite an amount of time chatting and getting the European Street Team going and improving. EST, how we call, is one of the best and most active of the Street Teams. We not only chat around, but deal with such business issues as promoting our and each other's shop. Etsy in whole is very popular in the US, but Europeans still don't know much about it. Our main goal, on one hand, is to let Europeans know about it, while the other hand, we showing off European style and craftsmanship to Americans. To tell you the truth we are on a great track. At least every other day Etsy's most popular Treasury is made by Europeans and many time featuring all European products. Today I was in six treasuries. One of them, made by Pamela Angus was featured for quite a long time on Etsy's front page. Mine is the nice pink and lilac fused pendant in the bottom right-hand corner. Thanks a lot Pam!


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