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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Panyizsuzsi is featured on Ixela

Yesterday my italian, EST friend Ixela had a post on Panyi Zsuzsi jewelry. Recently she has a series of "An artist a day keeps the doctor away!". In this series she hae chosen me as the artist of the day.

A bit more abut her:

She is an architect, but since she was a little child, her main interst are women's accessory and jewels, expecially every kind of outlandish and sparkling ones.
Many years ago she began to gather beads, pearls and other parts from old and vintage broken jewellery and to re-assemble some new jewels one of a kind for herself and friends. Now she has a shop on Etsy.

"I love to improve every piece I create with my whimsical thoughts." she says.


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