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Saturday, May 17, 2008

panyizsuzsi + glass

Well, I have to admit. I need a web site. I have been thinking of it for a while, but this week I started to take action, I am working on it. There was two major issues for me, the layout and the about part. The layout is still not ready. Let me tell you about me. The way I want to do this part is writing about me and glass. I do not think people are interested what color of my hair is and how many children I have. )If you are, let me know!) I think you are more curious about why do I use glass. As I was thinking of this I got surprised, there was glass around me all of my life. This is just unbelievable!
It is all started in my preschool years. My father was a glass industry engineer. (Can you imagine what kind of advantage this is now?! He knows all about glasses!) That time he invented and patented a technology for researching glass ingredients. Like if you gave him any kind of glass, he could make the same for you. There was many viscosity (you know COE) tests, where the glass was melted and dripped. It ended up with little amorf glass "creations". I used to play with that when I went to his office!
In primary school he run a home based business making isolated architectural glasses. There were huge sheets of glass panes in our garden. We played hide and seek around them.
When I got to high school I started to attend to the local church. This time this was the only modern church in Budapest. (I think I write another post on the church itself. Just look at the window now!
Amazing isn't it? to tell you the truth this is not a good picture at all. It must have been taken in the morning, but in the evening is much more intense! Since we moved I have not been there for years now. Last week-end we showed the kids where there parents wedding were. I was sitting there totally shocked, another glass of my life.
At the University I studied architecture. I did a research on glass elevations such as structural glazing, that I won a prize with and I used quite lot glass in my designs.

... and now I make fused glass beauties. I do not think I have to tell you more about those, just take a peek here!

I do not think that anyone has any doubts why did I choose glass as a medium for my art!



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