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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's a Hard Day's Night - or Morning

Well, I knew it early morning it will not be an easy day. As soon as the big ones left for school I started to get rid of the piles of clean clothes, while running the washing machine and changing some really dirty nappies and feeding the small one. Well, I thought she could go back to sleep, so I could speed up a bit, but it was only 8 am. (BTW I forgot to tel that I cut some number cards for school, printed an extra birthday invitation, sharpened the red and blue pencils, filled the school health form and checked the Big Boy's school bag, before they left). In the meanwhile I downloaded the e-mail and unloaded the kiln. I sat down with a cup of the to think about the day: clean up, pick the kids up, wait for the babysitter, presentation on the kindergarten fund raising, that I have to send the address for headmaster of the kindergarten. So, I decided to realax and have a nice breakfast.

I prepared some food and went to the backyard, picked some coctail tomatoes. I sat quiet (the small one was already sleeping) in the late summer sun. My thoughts could not stop, though and I am sure I will hardly remember this breakfast tonight, so that is why I took a picture of it.



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