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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Contemporary Glass Jewelry 3...2...1... start!

Talking about Christmas has two aspects for me. One is the personal. I do start Christmas shoppong in August. (Yes, you read it well!) I do not like (might say hate) to shop in mid-December, when most people are in a hurry and impatient. I do not enjoy that. By end of October I am mostly done.

Considering the business part end of October is the time when our business starts to go fast, really fast! The panyizsuzsi contemporary glass jewelry line is real Christmas treasures and they make perfect stocking stuffers! We will not run out or have a low stock by December. In spite of this we will announce our deadines here. Deadline for commision and last shipping day for Europe and the rest of the World. This way we can make sure that you have your presents on time! That is part of the panyizsuzsi guarantee.

Until then we have many local fairs. The next one is:
12th October, 2008. Gödör Klub (It will be inside, thanks God!)



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