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Monday, January 12, 2009

Secret Santa 2008.

To tell you the truth, the Holiday Season was rather busy for us. Be both tried to manage family and business at the same time. This was not easy. Now, I spend the January on catching up wirth things to do. One of them is to blog about my Secret Santa present.

As a member of the European Street Team of Etsy I took part of this secret santa thing, organized by ArtMind. I sent a fused glass ring to PetiteNilda early enough to get forget about it by Christmas.
Mine arrived just a couple of days before Christmas. The sender was Meltemsem. First I thought I will open it at Christmas Eve, but I could not resist and opened it the night it arrived. There was a fantastis sterling silver ring in it. I was really happy about my Secret Santa.

THANKS Meltem!



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