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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Unique Glass Jewelry – Unique Modul

To tell you the truth, I do not like glass litter, especially considering that Bullseye (our glass supplier) is jut about to raise prices. I know that not all firing will be perfect especially not at the first time, but unused glass scraps are a waste of money. For this reason we used to collect these scraps in out studio for later use. This is perfect for making one of a kind design, but if you make several pieces of one design it is no help at all. Being an architect, who constantly uses modules, I realized why can’t I have an own modul system. While designing in a modul system is not a big deal, cutting is faster and there is hardly any waste. So I created my own modul system. We also found out a new production system to match: first we cut modular width strips that is chopped to smaller pieces (the grammatic here might not be correct L) Yesterday we did work with the new system. It was great, fast more effective. The only thing that did not change is the style!



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