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Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Thursday

Yesterday I did have a happy day!
You might know we live in an artsy little town, called Sznetendre. It is really close to Budapest and many artists and architect live here. I love to walk around the tiny streets of the downtown. Look at art shops and numerous art galleries.
One of them is the Péter-Pál Gallery, run by a local textile designer Anna Pauli. This gallery has modern, contemporary stuff. They are all high quality art! Couple of weeks ago i peeked in there ans started to talk to the lady in the gallery. As I had my glass jeweleries on she asked about it and advised me to talk to the shop owner, who is a lecturer at the University of Art and Design. I was proud of this and called her. We had a meeting last night. She loved my jewelry. She said: I love the way you use and handle colors and shapes. She will sell my art in her Gallery.

If you ever come to Szentendre, Hungary, do not forget to check out the Péter-Pál Gallery in the Péter-Pál street!

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