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Friday, February 1, 2008

Crafting Kids

Right now we have a festival season in Hungary, called Farsang. this season lasts from Twelvth-day to Ash Wednesday. This time of the year we have balls all around the country. Schools love this ball season and they all organize fancy dress balls, where kids dress up, like at Halloween in the US.

Some people rent costumes for such an occasion, some make themselves. I always made something for my kids, which was pretty easy since my son always wanted to be a soldier, he wore his costume for three years. This year they both choosen a character from their favorite book. My son was Findus, the cat, while the little girl Baboca, the ladybug.

This year I decided to make the costumes together. for the ladybug we draw the outline and let my daughter color it, while I thought my son how to use the sewingmachine, so he could saw the shoulder strap of the cat's trousers.

We had a lot of fun. They were so happy this morning to put on their self-made costumes.
This is a milestone to raise and educate crafty kids. I wonder when they will open their Esty shop?!

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