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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Busy bee

Yes, this is me a busy bee. I bet you ask what she is doing now days! Well, a professional web site for my glass design. It is hard work. i want it to be really great and as I love to keep my hands on the most important stuff I decided to do my own design. So these days I almost sleep with my computer. I write the text part daytime and spend some time at night on the graphic part. I love it and I truly ope, that you will too.

In the meanwhile I did not stop fusing. That s the main point, isn't it. So this stripy set is one of my newest. I simply love them. Actually I was buying a book, that hat a very nice plate in it with a great amount of black and bold, but transparent reds and purples. That plat was simply great, that it inspired me to make this brand new set.



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