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Monday, March 10, 2008


I am sure you are surprised at this picture and do not understand the title, unless you are Hungarian. Kotyogo is a coffee maker, which is filled with water in the bottom, has the coffee in the middle. as the water starts boiling, the steam goes through the coffee, cools down in the pipe and finally drips in the little porcelain cannister, that is decorated in the porcelain factory of Hollohaza with some nice Hungarian folk pattern.
Ok, so fay you know what kotyogo is. I could put a picture of a brand new one here, but I did not. This lousy old one used to belong to my Father-in-Law's. He passed away, so my Husband has tis one now. It always frustrated me, that it does not have a lid. He would not let me buy a new porcelain for it, since this was his Father's and the new ones has an awful pattern.
This week-end I went to two flea markets. i found porcelains - and some other things - that comes from the same series and has a matching lid. Here it is, but we will only use the lid!

Stay tuned for my other flea market finds! They will be blogged soon!

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