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Friday, February 22, 2008

Retro and Interior Design

The same time we built out house I also worked on my Masters of Architecture degree. Moreover, my final presentation was three days apart from moving in our house. (I also had a 10 months old baby and heated our apartment with a wood fire. Fun isn't it?) To tell you the truth there is not much architectural detail in our house, so it has quite flexible spaces and you can do a lot with interior design.

After moving in we totally run out of money and for many years our house looked like if we just moved in . Now, 6 years later we put a lot of effort to make it a nice, comfortable house, where it feels good to be. During these years I finally found a style that is appropriate for my need of beauty and for also the kids. I know you are getting really curious what style it could be, but I can not name it. I call it my style or maybe panyizsuzsi style. (I like my style better)

This style is somehow a post-minimal retro vintage feeling. I love certain things and designs from the art deco and many things from the 50's to the 80's. I not only buy up to date design things, but also regularly search the Hungarian EBay, called Vatera and visit flea markets every now and then. I am a Collector, I'd say, but please do not ask my husband about collecting things! I always have some stuff up in the attic and in the garage to work on. Some things I do renovate, some others I take it to more experienced people, like woodworker, upholsterer etc.
Here are some examples of the renovated ones. I love the way they look in our house!

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