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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Glass Crucifix

When I first started to work with glasses I was not a glass cutting expert with a lousy glass cutter. I do not think i have to explain more of this, but I tell you I never discarded the little bits and pieces. I started saving them up in a little box.

One day I started to think about how I could use these little triangles. I ended up making a baby blue crucifix. It was left in my studio for a while. First I did not find the perfect bail and then the ribbon was not the right color. One day I finished it. I thought it would be a nice baptism present for a baby boy.

Couple of days later I went to a craft fair, where I met an old friend of mine, who I have not seen for years. She came to me and said: We are going to a Christening today, don't you have any presents for that?I did, there was the baby blue cross. I was shocked. It really made my day.

Now I started to cut tiny triangles again and make these crucifix on purpose!



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